Piloting Modes

Definitions of the Piloting Modes:

There are three levels to pilot mode; BAS (basic), MID (middle), and ADV (advanced). As you become more comfortable controlling your 'Mech you may choose to try different pilot modes which will give you more control features and increase your gaming experience

Note: This is not to be confused with Basic, Mid or Advanced Mission Modes.

BAS - Basic Piloting Mode

BAS (basic) mode is the training level of the piloting modes and is the best for first time pilots through about 25 missions. In this mode pilots do not torso twist, nor make configuration changes. This mode is purely "point and shoot".

MID - Middle / ADV - Advanced Piloting Modes

MID (middle) and ADV (advanced) modes turn on the ability to Torso Twist and turns on other abilities to configure your 'Mech for the most effective devastation of your opponents. (see details below)

Step by step instructions on how to change pilot modes:

On the Secondary Screen (Radar):

    1. Press and HOLD the program button on the lower left of the secondary screen.
    2. Tap the pilot mode button on the lower right until the mode you want is highlighted.
    3. Release the program button.

Turning on these other modes will turn on the following features:

Torso Twisting

The main attraction of Mid or Advanced Pilot Mode is the capability to Torso Twist. This allows you to turn your feet one direction and run with the top portion of your body and arms pointing another.

Putting the Piloting Mode to MID or ADV will turn on the use of the foot pedals.

  • In MID mode, the foot pedals turn the torso left and right (pivoting a the beltline of the 'Mech), while the joystick will turn the entire 'Mech.
  • In ADV mode, the foot pedals turn the 'Mech while the joystick turns the torso.

Watch the lower portion of the HUD for your torso positioning meter. It is the horizontal bar below the targeting crosshairs. The arrow on top of the bar is your torso, the bottom represents your feet. Making the arrows meet in the middle means that your feet and torso are pointed the same direction. You will also see text stating if you are turned and which direction you are turned.

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