Private Parties

Are you looking for something unique for a birthday party, bachelor party, youth group or friends night out?

Need something unique for a team-building corporate event or company rewards party?

MechCorps can offer exclusive use of our facility and our pods for one of the most unique and exhilarating parties you've experienced.

Our private party package includes specialized training by one of our veteran pilots and as many missions and games as we can pack in. There will be free-for-all and team games and other specialty missions followed by a mission review evaluating how well you did, providing a personalized review sheet showing each pilot how well they performed in the mission, and a mission review video allowing the pilots to view a cinematic presentation of their mission.

We offer an interesting change to traditional team building exercises. Teams are trained to work together to achieve the mission goal in a variety of mission types from fun games to full robotic combat simulation.

Reward your company team for a job well done with the stress release they deserve. Give them the encouragement that strengthens co-worker bonds.

Family / friend reunions and bachelor parties have a new twist with all new ways to show the love and talk smack after the smoke clears.

We can handle parties of up to a couple dozen attendees or more, all for the same price.

Please contact us at

to discuss a date and time desired for your event

and we will provide you a quote for the event.

"I have been working with young people in churches for over 10 years and I have to say that this experience far exceeded all my expectations. I commend it to any large group that is looking for some way to encourage positive competition, team building, and have a good time."

Joshua Orsak, Youth Minister

St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church

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