Mission Modes

Mission Modes add difficulty factors and advanced features for the more experienced pilots for a more real simulation in battle. These modes are all controlled at the Console Station when the missions are setup.

Make sure to ask the Console Operator for these modes when the game is set up.

Mission Modes should not be confused with Mission Types or Pilot Modes.

There are 4 preset modes available for your missions:

  • Default
  • Basic
  • Mid
  • Advanced

Default Mission Mode:

Default is the mode that we use for training new pilots. In this training mode pilots can focus on their piloting and targeting. When a Team Mission Type is selected weapon safeties are engaged so that teammates will not be harmed by Friendly Fire.

Basic Mission Mode:

This mode turns on Friendly Fire, Splash Damage and Limited Ammo. Friendly Fire means that it is possible to hit, inflict damage and potentially kill a teammate (obviously in team missions). Splash Damage means that when a 'Mech is destroyed, the explosion throws shrapnel and can damage other 'Mechs that are nearby. Limited Ammo means that there is a limit to the quantity of your ammunition (i.e., machine guns, missiles, cannons). Once you use up your ammunition per weapon, there is no more. If your 'Mech is destroyed, your 'Mech will return to the battlefield fully re-loaded.

Mid Mission Mode:

This mode includes all the options of Basic, plus turns on Heat Management and Advanced Mode. Heat Management really increases the reality of the game. Firing your guns creates heat, when heat builds up your 'Mech's performance degrades. If your 'Mech creates too much heat, safety systems will shut down your 'Mech. You can control this heat by flushing coolant and/or configuring your weapons triggers.

Advanced Mission Mode:

This mode includes all the options of Basic and Mid, plus turns on Weapon Jam and Armor Mode. Weapon Jam means that if your 'Mech runs too hot, it is possible that your weapons will jam and you will have to clear them manually. Armor mode turns on full armor, so it takes more shots to destroy an enemy 'Mech.