Radar - details and controls

The radar display is in the upper center circular portion of the Secondary Screen.

The radar gives you an overhead view of the world around you. It will display navigation points and enemy units (and friendly units if you are in a team mission). Your 'Mech is always located at the center of the display. The top half of the radar display represents the part of the battlefield in front of your 'Mech and is always oriented with your direction of travel (i.e., top of the circle is where your 'Mech is heading.). The pie wedge radiating from your location shows your field of vision. When/if you switch to Mid or Advanced Piloting mode, as you twist your torso, the wedge will sweep to the left or right. Enemy units appear as red circles on your radar. In team missions, friendly units appear as blue circles. If you have a selected enemy or friendly target there are green brackets or a hot box around them on the radar. When you are receiving incoming fire, you will see a green circle appear around the 'Mech firing upon you.

To bring your hot-boxed or selected opponent into your field of vision, rotate your 'Mech or torso until your vision wedge sweeps onto your target's location. Look out your Main viewscreen and you should be able to see the hot box framing your target.

To the bottom left of the radar display is the radar range indicator, displaying the effective range of the current radar range setting.

The radar range setting is controlled with the radar range button on the secondary screen.

The radar mode indicator below and to the right of the radar display shows the current radar mode. In basic pilot mode only active radar is available. You can switch to passive radar in the middle and advance pilot modes, by selecting the radar mode button on the secondary screen. The active setting causes your 'Mech to emit radar signals that are able to track and locate targets at a greater range. But this also makes your 'Mech easier to spot on another 'Mech's radar. Switching to passive reduces the range at which you can be detected, but also cuts down the range at which you can perceive other 'Mechs.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Going to passive mode will affect the tracking characteristics of missiles capable of locking onto a target.

Radar Display - hunting