Cockpit Controls and introduction to MFDs

Operating and controlling a 'Mech can be daunting at first, but the most successful 'Mech pilots are those who can quickly become comfortable with the layout of the cockpit and its features.

The illustration shows the layout for the controls and MFDs in the cockpit.

The Main feature of your cockpit interior is the Main Viewscreen. Through this screen you can see the current battlefield and other 'Mechs as they move around. Superimposed on the viewscreen is your Heads Up Display (HUD) used for targeting your weapons. Below the Main Viewscreen is the Secondary Screen, housing your radar and map displays, and several supplementary control buttons. Surrounding the Main Viewscreen are five multi-function displays (MFDs). On the lower left is your Targeting MFD. This displays crucial information about targeted enemy or friendly 'Mechs. The MFD in the upper left corner of you cockpit is your Communication MFD. This displays various communication options that allow you to relay pre-scripted messages to your teammates and opponents. Directly above the Main Viewscreen is your Navigation MFD. This shows information about your heading, mission waypoints, jump-jet controls and your current score. In the lower right is your Weapons MFD, which allows you to configure and set triggers for your available weapons. On the upper right side of your cockpit is the Armor MFD which displays your 'Mech's battle damage. When sitting in the cockpit, place your right hand on the joystick, your left hand on the throttle, and place your feet on the foot pedals. When you are in basic pilot mode (the default setting when you begin a mission), your foot pedals will be inactive, and you will turn your 'Mech with the joystick. (see Pilot Modes for more information)

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