Grand (re)Opening Event - 8/3/2020

Grand (re)Opening Event - 8/3/2020

July 8, 2020

Attention Mech Pilots and those who wish to be a Mech Pilot:

Now that the pods are confirmed operational, MechCorps is hosting an event for beginners and for experienced pilots at our new headquarters inside Battlefield Houston.

Battletech Bootcamp sessions will be held Saturday, August 8 from 5pm until 9pm (closing) conducted by Veteran MechCorps Pilots.

  • Learn what what all those buttons do in our Cockpit Simulator Pods.

  • Develop the art of Torso Twisting.

  • Discover Friendly Fire and what it means to you.

Missions are suitable for all pilots - kids through senior adults - beginner through expert pilots.

Missions will be available individually or in multi-packs at the venue.

While you are there, make sure to check out the Tactical Laser Tag and Virtual Reality Suites also available at Battlefield Houston!

Restaurant options are nearby.