Auxiliary Mode Display control

At the center bottom of the Secondary Screen is the Auxiliary Display. It is a multi-function display inside of the Secondary Screen. It is controlled (when in Mid or Advanced Pilot Mode) by the "Auxil Mode" button on the left side of the Secondary Screen, Third button from the top. (see Pilot Mode below for details) At the start of a mission the Auxiliary Display will show a satellite view of the battlefield. The map shown in the Secondary Screen illustration is that of Scarab Stronghold - the primary training facility for all new pilots.

In addition to showing the current mission area, the map will also show 'Mech icons for those 'Mechs, friendly or foe, detectable within radar range, and terrain information. The small green pie wedge indicates the direction your 'Mech is looking. The red box on the map indicates the boundaries of the mission area. Your 'Mech will not be allowed beyond this point. A warning is given prior to contacting the red border and is indicated on the map by the orange boundary box.

In Mid or Advanced Pilot Mode you can also switch the Auxiliary Display to show your own 'Mech's damaged armor panels or that of the 'Mech you have targeted via the Targeting MFD. Use the "AUXIL MODE" button to switch between the three settings. "MAP" to view the map, "DMG" to show your own damage, "TGT" to show the damage of your targeted 'Mech.

Secondary Screen