Armor Multi Function Display (MFD)

The Armor Display, the upper right MFD in the cockpit, provides information about your 'Mech and configuration of the function button on the joystick , otherwise known as the "pinkie button".

The various panels on the 'Mech displayed in the center will darken as damage is received in the battle indicating which panels are taking damage.

After switching to Mid or Advanced Pilot Mode, the "Zoom Mode" is selected by default. At this time, joystick button #4 (pinkie button) will display a magnifier display in HUD like a scope to help the pilot aim with precision.

Counter-clockwise around the MFD configures the joystick button #4 to activate:

  • Jump Mode allowing you to fire the Jump Jets.
  • Flush Mode flushes coolant (if Heat Management / Advanced Mission mode is active)
  • LightAmp Mode (Light Amplification) enhances the main viewscreen's view to allow the pilot to have night vision.
  • Crosshair Target allows the pilot to use this #4 button as a trigger to select a target and identify it on the Targeting MFD.
  • Nearest Enemy identifies the nearest target on the Radar / Secondary Screen.

On the upper right, you will find the Armor Mode button that will change the 'Mech damage illustration to a bar graph providing a more precise indication of the damage sustained on each panel.

The upper left button is Mute which will silence all incoming voice messages through the radio.

This is the initial view of the Armor MFD when the mission starts.