Navigation Multi Function Display (MFD)

The MFD above the Main Viewscreen in the center is the Navigation MFD.

The illustration below is what this MFD looks like when the mission starts. It contains your waypoint information, compass heading, current score, kills and deaths, controls for your jump jets, and an ammunition round eject button.

The waypoint controls will display on your compass bar. The Objectives button will show the goals of the team mission that you are currently engaged.

Pressing one or both of the Jump Jet buttons will fire your Jump Jets, if your 'Mech is equipped with Jump Jets. If your 'Mech does not have Jump Jets, these buttons will be blank.

The Eject Round button is only used when a ballistic weapon has jammed and needs to be cleared so the weapon may be returned to service. This is used in combination with the Weapons MFD.

How to clear a weapons jam:

In the HUD of the Main Viewscreen, to the right of the crosshairs, a missile icon with an "X" across it will appear when one or more weapons on a 'Mech have jammed. The Weapons MFD will then identify the jammed weapon(s). Scroll down in that Weapons MFD to the weapon that is jammed and then press the "Eject Round" button on the Navigation MFD shown above. This will only eject the jammed round of that one weapon. If there are other weapons that are jammed, repeat the process until all weapons have been cleared. These cleared weapons will then be available to fire once a new round has been loaded automatically by the system.