Basic Controls

The Tesla Pods have a multitude of controls to pilot your mech. These controls will look intimidating to the new recruits. Fortunately for the new recruits there are three piloting modes; Basic, Mid and Advanced (see Piloting Modes for more information). New Recruits should use the Basic Piloting Mode to start training.

On your right, there is the Joystick with 4 buttons and triggers and a high-hat.

On your left, next to the pod door, is the Throttle.

Basic Controls

Steering Control

Moving the joystick to the right or left will turn your BattleMech ('Mech) to the right or left. (See Illustration) Use small / slow movements of the joystick. Over-steering is a common error with new pilots.

Steering Controls

Speed Control

Pushing the throttle forward accelerates your 'Mech. Pulling the throttle back will slow your 'Mech to a stop. To move in reverse, hold the red button on the throttle handle down and push the lever forward to accelerate in reverse. To switch to forward gear, release the red button. BattleMechs are big machines. It takes a long time to accelerate and decelerate. Be patient.

If your 'Mech's legs become damaged, you will be slower in forward gear and may no longer be able to move in reverse. The onboard computer will notify you in these instances.

Speed Controls

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