Weapons Multi Function Display (MFD)

Below the Main Viewscreen, to the right of the Secondary Screen is the Weapons MFD. This display gives you information on all of the 'Mech's weapons.

The illustration below is what you will see on the Weapons MFD when a new mission starts. Each 'Mech is built with a different payout of weapons, so this illustration represents one combination of weapons as an example.

Each Weapon is shown on it's own row with the following information under each column:

  • Group - indicates the firing trigger(s) for that weapon
  • R - recharge status
  • Weapon - weapon name
  • A - ammunition (currently available in the 'Mech). See Limited Ammunition option in Advanced Mission Mode settings for more information.

This is the initial view of the Weapons MFD when the mission starts.

Configuring Triggers:

In Mid or Advanced Pilot Mode, a pilot can change which triggers control each weapon by assigning triggers in the Weapons MFD.

By default, all missions begin with the same configuration for triggers:

  • Button 1 fires all ballistic and energy weapons. (machine guns, cannons, lasers, etc)
  • Button 2 fires all missiles.
  • Button 3 fires the NARC beacon.

(*** of course, only IF the particular 'Mech HAS any of these weapons equipped.)

  • Button 4 is not a weapons trigger, but does have an important function. See the Armor MFD for more information.

In the center left of the display, take note of the three columns under the "GROUP" column. These columns indicate which triggers are presently set to fire which weapons individually. The lighter square per each row will indicate the trigger(s) that will fire the weapon stated on that same row.

Now, note the lower button row for "Assign Group 1", "Assign Group 2", and "Assign Group 3". These three represent triggers 1, 2 and 3.

To change the trigger assignments, use the "Next Weapon" or "Prev Weapon" to scroll through the list and highlight the weapon that requires reconfiguration. Then click the desired trigger Assign Group button. You will notice that the desired trigger number is now lit under the "GROUP" column in the display as well as the previous (stock) button. Now click the Assign Group button that represents the stock trigger. You will now notice that the stock trigger number under "GROUP" is now off.

You can assign a weapon to any of the three triggers... and even assign multiple triggers to the same weapon. i.e., assign a missile to triggers 1 AND 3. In this example, the weapon can be fired with trigger 1 AND/OR trigger 3.

You can split up weapons between triggers in order to manage heat of the weapons in Advanced Mission Modes.

The "R" column indicates the progress of each weapon reloading or recharging. Ballistic and Missile weapons will need time to reload, Energy weapons will need time to recharge between each firing of each weapon. Different weapons require different lengths of time to reload or recharge. The bars under the "R" column are progress bars. When each weapon is fired, the progress bar will disappear and start from the left and travel to the right. When the bar is completely to the right, that particular weapon is ready to be fired again.

If any particular weapon is destroyed or runs out of ammunition, it's listing will dim on this display indicating that it can no longer be fired. (at least until you are respawned into a new 'Mech)

Adjusting the Triggers for Group or Chain Fire:

Another method for controlling heat is to alter the way the weapons fire. The Weapons MFD offers the Pilots in Mid or Advanced Pilot Mode the option of changing the triggers from the stock "group fire" order. Note in the top row of the illustration, that there is a "Group Fire" and a "Chain Fire" button. The Group Fire button should not be confused with the "GROUP" column in the display, nor with the "Assign Group" buttons on the bottom row of the same MFD. This is a different "group" definition.

The "Group Fire" button allows all (currently recharged and available) weapons on each trigger to be fired at the same time when that trigger is pulled. Click this button once to make all triggers fire their weapons in a group.

The stock setting when each mission starts is for all triggers to be on Group Fire.

The "Chain Fire" button makes the (currently recharged and available) weapons on each joystick trigger to fire in a chain method. i.e., one will fire, then the second on the list for that trigger, then the next.

The weapons will cycle through the list for that trigger and will fire that weapon only once per cycle. Squeezing the button quickly will fire one weapon one time (then prepare itself to fire the next weapon on that list for the next squeeze of the same trigger. Holding the same trigger will fire each weapon once in the order of the list.

However, the weapon selection will only fire a weapon if it has reloaded and will stay on that selected weapon until it can fire that weapon (or the pilot manually switches to the next weapon on the list)

Each Trigger can also be configured to Group or Chain Fire independently. i.e., chain on trigger 1, group on trigger 2, chain on trigger 3. To change this setting, press and hold the "MODE" button on the bottom left of the Weapons MFD. All three "Assign Group" buttons will light up. Each light will be on steadily. This indicates that each trigger is on Group Fire mode. While still holding the "MODE" button, click any "Assign Group" button once. You will notice that button's light will now blink. This indicates that the associated trigger on the joystick will now fire it's weapons in Chain Fire mode.

While still holding the "MODE" button, click the same "Assign Group" button once again. The light will now return to a steady light. This indicates that this trigger is now back on Group Fire mode.