Targeting Multi Function Display (MFD)

Below the Main Viewscreen and to the left of the Secondary Screen is the Targeting MFD.

After switching to Mid or Advanced Pilot Mode, you can not only select other 'Mechs on the battlefield - both friendly and enemy - but you can view the condition of the 'Mech targeted. A graphic of the targeted 'Mech on the right indicates panels on the 'Mech. Darker panels on this illustration indicates damaged panels.

Selecting Nearest, Next or Previous (Friendly or Enemy) will toggle through targets and indicate the location of these targeted 'Mechs on the Radar / Secondary Screen.

Selecting Crosshair Target while the HUD's crosshairs are on another 'Mech will identify that 'Mech on this MFD and show the amount of damage currently inflicted on that 'Mech.

Target Mode will switch the display from a graphic display to a bar graph display that provides a more precise indication of the damage on the 'Mech selected on this MFD.

This is the initial view of the Targeting MFD when the mission starts.