Communications Multi-Function Display MFD Team Commands

After pushing the button closest to your teammate's callsign, the MFD will change to show the screen illustrated below.

You may now select between the 7 commands shown.

Press the corresponding numbered button and the command will be announced by the computer in that player's pod. The player sending the command will not hear the command through the speakers of their own pod.

The screen will then return to the main view when a button is pressed.

Team Missions:

These are the commands that can be sent to your teammates during a team mission.

Responding to Commands:

Pressing "Affirmative" to the command "Attack my target." or "Defend my target" will change the responders Targeting MFD to the target selected by the player who sent the command - therefore highlighting the target on the Radar display for easy location.

Pressing "Affirmative" to the command "Form up on me" will highlight the pilot sending the command on the Radar display of the responder for easy location.

Pressing "Negative" to any of the above commands immediately removes the prompt from the responder's displays, returning them to their prior state.

If no response is provided, the prompt will only display for a few moments and then return the displays to their prior state.