Communications Multi-Function Display MFD Team Mode

Above the Main Viewscreen to the left is the Communications MFD. In team missions this MFD now allows you to not only taunt the opposing team, but also allows you to send tactical commands to your teammates. The area in the middle shows the progress of the battle. This MFD will also allow you to taunt the other pilots in solo missions or send commands in team missions by instructing the computer to say phrases inside your opponent's pod

Team Missions:

This is the initial view of the Communications MFD when the mission starts - in Team Missions.

To send commands to your teammate(s), press the button closest to that teammate's callsign.

To send a taunt to everyone on the field, press the "ALL" button.

To send a taunt only to your opponents, press the "All Others" button.

Responding to Commands:

At the bottom right are two buttons "Affirmative" and "Negative". When you hear a command you can accept or refuse that command by using these buttons. See the commands view for a description of the benefits.