Heat Management

When the mission is in Advanced Mission Mode, heat is created each time a weapon is fired. Therefore, multiple weapons fired at the same time will bring up the generated heat quickly.

A pilot must decide how to keep a balance between generated heat and the amount of damage that each 'Mech can deliver.

There are a few schools of thought on heat management:

  1. Don't pull the trigger as often.
  2. Configure the triggers on the Weapons MFD so that the high-heat-yielding weapons are separated on different triggers.
  3. Put the powerful punch on a particular trigger and hold that shot until you know it will do the most damage (see Weapons MFD).
  4. Chain Fire vs. Group Fire on the triggers (see Weapons MFD).
  5. Learn when to flush, when to let the 'Mech shutdown, and what other factors will cool your 'Mech.

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