Ready to Volunteer

I'm ready to apply... now what?

Now that you've read the requirements and agree to follow them, the next step is to communicate your interest.

Send an email to and tell us about your interest.

The next step will be to discuss your availability and your talents to find out if you are suitable to work with the teams.

  • Have you worked customer service or retail sales job? (are you good at it and do you still like it?)

  • Have you worked as a cashier? (and liked it?)

  • Do you have technical skills?

  • Have you worked warehouse? (and enjoy it?)

  • Are you good with children and teens? (and enjoy it?) You will be working with a lot of people in a fast paced environment and need to be personable with all of them.

  • What is your home town? and do you like to travel?

  • What weekends are you available (or not available?)

Join us in the MechCorps Vol Recruiting Office to talk with us, ask questions and hear about deployment opportunities.