Requirements for being a MechCorps Vol (Volunteer) for work during a convention:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age and dependable for shift work and communication, be personable and be willing to follow orders from MechCorps CO's. (see below)

  2. Be in MechCorps Uniform at conventions. (not supplied, but we can help with obtaining yours.)

  3. Have enthusiasm for the game. (We can teach you the knowledge.)

While this is not a paid position, you might have the opportunity to attend conventions (and therefore sights) you have not experienced previously and introduce new and interesting people (and sometimes celebrities) to the game we all love. MechCorps will provide you entrance to the convention and will allow time to visit the convention if you agree to work the shifts assigned to you. Some conventions are daytime hours while some are 24-hours per day and at cities outside of MechCorps' home city and state. Vols working cons away from Houston will have rooms provided. If you are coming in to work a Houston Area con and need a place to stay, contact us.

When possible, travel to the cons may be provided in the pod transport rig(s), otherwise, you will need to arrange your own travel. Meals and other expenditures are not included. There is medium to heavy lifting and other physical exertion required for move-in/move-out. (The pods don't move themselves. )

Rules during conventions:

The following rules are guidelines that are probably common knowledge, but I feel should be stated anyway just to make sure we are all on the same page.


We go to conventions and other events for three reasons:

  1. advertise the battletech pods and recruit new pilots.

  2. sell merchandise and games so that we can continue to offer the pods.

  3. have fun.

These points above are in order of importance. We need to advertise and recruit, then sell, THEN have fun doing it. In order to do this, we need to look our best, make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, make sure the con attendees enjoy themselves and then we can all have fun.

The first impressions are always the part that sticks in the minds of new people. A GOOD first impression will outlive some small discrepancies later. Make a BAD first impression and we'll have to work EXTRA hard to over come it... IF we're given the chance.

So, the rules below are written to help us continue to give those good, lasting first impressions.

ON DECK: (at the set)

1. Wear your uniform and badge while on shift/duty. Some conventions will give us con badges, some don't.

2. Be at the set 30 minutes before your shift.

a. help clean up.

b. check to see if anything needs to be repaired and help fix before your shift.

3. If you want/need to change your shift assignment, find someone to trade with you ahead of time, then clear it with your shift CO and the other shift CO.

4. If you need a break during your shift, let the shift CO know before you leave and when you return. If the CO is busy, let the other shiftmates know.


If the counter is cluttered and covered, people can't see and buy the merchandise and pilots won't find the sign-up sheets.

SO... on the counters...

  • No Drink Containers

  • No Food

  • No toys or other purchases (ok, the MC Baby Seal Mascot can be exempted)

  • No uniform or uniform accessories

  • No Tools

  • No Parts

  • No MR Printouts

  • No Laptops or iPads or phones

The only things that should be on the counters are:

  • Mission sign-up clipboards.

  • Information Signage

  • Membership Forms

  • MechCorps Business Cards and/or Literature

We want to push new pilots to use the stock 4 mechs, so ONLY bring out the mech and map books when asked. Only bring out a laptop or iPad to show a customer something about MechCorps/VWE/Battletech, then put it away when finished.


We don't want our Vols (much less the customers) to be tripped up on junk stored between and in front of the pods.

7. Stow your gear behind the pods.

We'll have room to stow stuff behind the pods. If you stow your gear behind the pods, please keep a clear walkway.

8. Quiet pods don't attract attention.

If no games are in progress (or staging), go play some games. BE NOISY. YELL SMACK TO EACH OTHER. ... keep it PG13 though.

or you can set up a game of just bots and run it live on the Cameraship and/or Mission Review.

9. Engage the people who walk up.

If they appear confused while looking at the pods, ask if you can answer any questions.

Offer to show them the video, offer to demonstrate the game if a pod is empty. Ask for a 2 minute demo game to be set up on a pod from the Console Operator / Mission Control.

Watch/listen to others for more examples.

At the Convention:

If you go attend the convention events or walk the convention or dealer rooms, we would hope that you wear your uniform to bring attention to the pods. We also want to encourage you to ask one of the COs for a few mission tickets and business cards to take with you. If you find someone in a spectacular cosplay costume, or hear anyone mentioning the pods (ours or any past ones) or is exhibiting awesomeness worthy of props... give them a free ticket. Make sure they know what it is, what it's for and where we are located at the con. If a non-cosplay participant finds out that you're giving out free tickets... feel free to make those moochers work for it (but nothing that would get them or us in trouble).

In the Barracks: (hotel room)

Shift hotel rooms may be co-ed. Please be considerate of your other roommates. Please remember to clear off the beds when you are not using them. Please do not store your gear on the beds. We need to allow the off-duty Vols to use whichever beds are available between shifts.

Please stow your gear out of the way when you leave the room(s).

Regarding Convention Move-in and Move-out of conventions:

Most conventions will conduct move-in times on Thursday or Friday of the Con. We will need assistance to move in and set up our equipment and display booth. This averages around four hours.

After the convention is over, all equipment has to be torn down and packed back in the trailer(s) which will take another four hours on average.

There is a lot of pushing of equipment on wheels and setting up equipment under direction of the CO's. Work gloves and safety toe shoes are recommended. Sandals are not allowed.

If you have a question on any other matter, just ask a Commanding Officer.