MechCorps Celebrates Eight Years of Giant Robot Domination

Post date: Dec 5, 2013 3:19:50 AM

MechCorps Gunslinger

MechCorps believes that the eighth anniversary is the explosives anniversary! We have been proudly serving the Houston area since our humble beginnings back in 2005 and we are not slowing down! Our claim to fame is providing customers the unique chance to pilot giant war machines through the use of our Virtual World Tesla II BattleTech Simulator Pods! MechCorps remains extremely popular thanks to our Mobile Armor Division pods which travel to fan conventions all across the southern United States. Of course, MechCorps also maintains a strong local connection through our home location in northwest Houston, and it is here where our pilots will gather to celebrate our anniversary this weekend!

MechCorps is known to hold tournaments and other tests of skill for attendees to fan conventions, but for this weekend, we will provide MechWarriors (veteran AND novice pilots) the chance to match up against each other in some of the best matches this side of the Inner Sphere!

Coming this Saturday night, we will be holding a Gunslinger Tournament! This tournament will give you the opportunity to test your piloting skills against the other pilots and give you the opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies. The winner of this tournament will be awarded the title of BattleTech Sheriff of MechCorps for the next year. Entry into the Gunslinger will be included with the normal $25 fee for Regular's Night so anyone with designs on being MechCorps Sheriff will be able to show their stuff!

Warm-ups start at 6pm with the tournament starting at 7pm.