MechCorps Gunslinger

Rules:I. Event FormatA. The Gunslinger's tournament consists of a series of no return one-on-one, no holds barred duels to determine the new Sheriff and Deputy for the region.

1. Each pilot will be paired at random with another before the start of the event.

a. Pairings will be posted on a brackets scoreboard so that all participants can see who is playing whom.

b. First Round will be a group drop, all following rounds will be opposite team drops.

2. The first round will match pairs of 'Mechs on the battlefield.

a. Pilots MUST ONLY engage their assigned dueling partner.

b. There will be other duels occurring nearby on the same battlefield.

c. Any damage caused to any other 'Mech than the pilot's designated target will result in an instant loss for that pilot.

d. Any pilot deliberately firing on any 'Mech other than the designated target 'Mech will lose the duel AND be eliminated from the tournament.

3. All following rounds past the first shall be a one-on-one with no other 'Mechs on the battlefield.

4. There are no holds barred in these missions.

5. Pilots have 30 seconds from the start of the mission to notify the Tech of pod problems. After this period, ANYTHING (excepting a crash) is a condition of battle and must be dealt with as is.

B. This event will be run as a double-elimination event.

II. Entry Limitations and Event Costs

Cost for entry into the Tournament will be the cost of a Regulars' Night.

III. Mission Conditions

A. All games will be structured as normal Advanced BattleTech Missions with the following conditions...

1. Heat will be ON.

2. Splash Damage will be ON.

3. No Return will be ON. (No Respawns.)

4. Game length will be 10 minutes.

5. Weapons Jams will be ON.

6. Limited Ammo will be ON.

7. Radar will be set to NORMAL.

8. Friendly Fire will be ON.

9. Attrition scoring will be used.

B. Mission Locations:

Round 1: Freezer

Round 2: Ghost Highway

Round 3: Gator Bait

Round 4: Hot Plate

Default map conditions for all rounds.

IV. 'Mech Choice Rules

A. Pilots will pick 2 'Mechs from the MechCorps Clearance Level 1 catalog.

B. The total tonnage of both mechs will be no more than 150 tons.

C. Each 'Mech is to be matched with each round.

D. All 'Mech selections must be turned in thirty minutes before the start of the event.

E. 'Mech choices are kept secret and never read nor announced to the opponent or an other pilot.

V. Winning Missions

A. The winner of each mission is the pilot that didn't die.

1. If you see the "Eject" Screen (the Blue Swirl), you lost.

2. If both pilots are killed, both lose and the pilot who would have competed against the winner gets a bye for the next round.

3. If both pilots survive, both lose and the pilot who would have competed against the winner gets a bye for the next round.

4. If you destroy your target, you will shut down your 'Mech and REMAIN IN YOUR POD. Exiting the pod before you are instructed will result in disqualification.

B. The Commanding Officer is in charge.

1. Whining is not winning. If you whine, you lose. If you win and you whine, you lose. If the CO determines that someone is whining, they will lose.

2. Dishonorable engagement is worse than whining in the eyes of the CO.

VI. Winning the Event

A. If a pilot loses a round, that pilot is moved to the second chance bracket.

B. If a pilot loses a second time, that pilot is eliminated from the event.

C. The winner of the final round of the tournament will be declared Battletech Sheriff. The Runner-up will be declared Battletech Deputy.

D. If BOTH finalist die or neither finalist die in the final round, the CO will make the decision on how to proceed. (See V. B. 2 above)

Better bring the big guns to this gunfight.