Cockpit Basics

MechCorps procures the best equipment for its pilots. This is why we use the Virtual World Tesla II system to keep our pilots in control and safe from mortal danger.

This is the Tesla Pod. It contains the monitors and controls for all of the systems for the BattleMech. It is a universal fit for any of the various 'Mech chassis that are available for our pilots.

The airlock seal and the auto-eject system are the best in the galaxy. Our pilots can rest assured that even in the most hostile environments, they will remain safe from contaminants and explosive decompression.

Since utilizing the Tesla system we have never lost a pilot. Our Pilots always come home safely.

The controls of the Tesla system are well designed and keep all of your controls within easy reach.

Other than the Main Viewscreen and the Radar Screen, there are five MFDs (Multi Function Displays) that control communications, weapon configuration, fire control, targeting, coolant, and all of the systems that the best MechWarriors require.

There are no dummy-panels here. Nothing here is just for looks.

These pods are built for battle, not show.

BattleTech Pod Exterior
BattleTech Pod Interior

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