Mech Chassis: Thor


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'MECH specifications

WEAPON specifications


Light Amplification

Jump Jets


Firepower: 58%


Armor: 67%


Speed: 50%


Heat: 71%



The Thor's main advantages over other heavier designs are its mobility and its ability to fire all its weapons with little worry about heat build-up. This is true in all configurations. Apparently borrowing concepts from the designs of the Warhammer, Marauder, and Victor, the Thor is an excellent all-around 'Mech. While the Thor may be less powerful than some designs and less quick than others, it is a successful blend of firepower and maneuverability.


The huge Thor, which stands at least a meter taller than most other 'Mechs, appears most often in a configuration that is remarkable for its lack of laser weaponry. Its mix of weapons, however, combines with the 'Mech's maneuverability to make it a deadly foe. This model carries a long-range missile launcher on its left shoulder, a PPC in one hand, and heavy autocannon in the other.


The Thor is the heaviest design in general use with the Jade Falcons. It is at least three times as common with the Falcons as with the other Clans, who also use it differently. The other Clans use it as mobile support for assault 'Mechs, while the Jade Falcons use it as the quick-striking hammer to follow up a rapid advance.

Quoted from "BattleTech: Technical Readout 3050"

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