Mech Chassis: Thanatos


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'MECH specifications

WEAPON specifications


Light Amplification

Jump Jets


Firepower: 63%


Armor: 66%


Speed: 48%


Heat: 51%



When the Draconis Combine debuted their OmniMech designs more than a decade ago, military manufacturers throughout the Inner Sphere scrambled to either begin designing their own or else license the existing designs from the Combine. While other companies paid the price of impetuousness with hefty licensing or R&D costs, StarCorps instead concentrated their efforts on producing as many standard battlemechs as they could for the time being. When Omni technology became more prevalent and better understood, StarCorps jumped into the market with a licensing agreement with the Combine and Luthien Armor Works. Soon they began preliminary work on the Thanatos. Unfortunately, by the time the Thanatos was ready for trials, neither the LAAF nor the AFFC were interested in a new OmniMech design. With the licensing agreements running out in 3065, StarCorps had to do something, having already spent the resources on a 'mech they thought would be approved with no difficulty. So StarCorps revamped the Thanatos into a standard battlemech-a move that won them contracts that would take them from 3061 into the next decade.


Taking a cue from the Clan Thor, the Thanatos not only copies the Thor's performance capabilities but also many of it's physical features. It is fast and maneuverable for a heavy battlemech, topping out at 86kph and mounting jump jets. Furthermore, it's internal components and electronics systems are heavily reinforced and stabilized, giving it the ability to transverse rough terrain and weather even the worst falls with almost no loss in capability.That additional strengthening is necessary, as the Thanatos is often called on to take the fight to the enemy. The Thanatos functions best in heavy calvary units, where it's lance and company mates share a similar speed profile, complementing these 'mechs with it's intense short-range firepower and incredible sturdiness.


The Thanatos has been slowly replacing the oldest Quickdraws still in service with the LAAF and AFFS, making it's way to units like the First Federated Suns Armored Calvary and the Alliance Jaegers. StarCorps does not only sell to house militaries though. Mercenary units from the huge Eridani Light Horse to the relatively small Black Angus Boys have also purchased these capable battlemechs.

Quoted from "Battletech: Technical Readout 3067"

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