Mech Chassis: Mauler


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'MECH specifications

WEAPON specifications


Light Amplification


Firepower: 95%


Armor: 78%


Speed: 41%


Heat: 50%



The Mauler is the Federated Commonwealth codename for a Kurita assault 'Mech just beginning testing at the proving grounds of Luthien Armor Works. The Draconis Combine has high security surround this project, and all information is a combination of unconfirmed reports, speculation, and analysis.

Best Intelligence expects the design to be slow but advanced, using an extra-light engine, Ferro-Fibrous armor, and double heat sinks. Several prototypes have been seen, but only in glimpses. Only once has ComStar been able to obtain a photograph for detailed study.

Quoted from "BattleTech: Technical Readout 3050"

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