Mech Chassis: Loki


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'MECH specifications

WEAPON specifications


Guardian ECM Suite

Light Amplification

The Guardian ECM Suite is a broad-spectrum jamming and electronic countermeasure device designed to reduce the effectiveness of enemy long-range scanning and surveillance equipment.


Firepower: 48%


Armor: 64%


Speed: 57%


Heat: 77%



Famous for its missile rack on one shoulder and beacon system on the other and even more for the hexagonal openings in its huge Marauder-type arms, the Loki is one of the Clans' most easily recognized designs. Named the Loki by an obscure minor officer in the Federated Commmonwealth Armed Forces, the 'Mech lives up to the officer's description of its "utterly mad configuration," not only in the version he saw, but in all the others as well. Though the combination of weapons may appear to be utterly mad, not a single Inner Sphere 'Mech could stand up to the Loki when it appeared with the Clans.


The Loki is one of the designs most favored by the Jade Falcons. Though appearing with the other Clans in smaller numbers, the Loki shows its capabilities best with the Jade Falcons. It has been seen on all types of missions, save reconnaissance, and always proves to be the equal of two or more Inner Sphere 'Mechs.

Quoted from "BattleTech: Technical Readout 3050"

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