Mech Chassis: Catapult


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'MECH specifications

WEAPON specifications


Beagle Active Probe

Light Amplification

Jump Jets

Capable of detecting and identifying even shut-down and camouflaged units at distances much greater than standard-issue electronic warfare (EW) suites, the active probe is a valued addition to any recon unit.


Firepower: 70%


Armor: 60%


Speed: 65%


Heat: 42%



The CPLT-C1 Catapult was produced by Hollis Incorporated in a limited production run between 2561 and 2563 under a special military contract with the Star League. It was officially classified as a close-support vehicle, designed as a second-line defense with strong offensive capabilities.


Early models of the Catapult were equiped with no close support weapons, but the most current versions carry four medium lasers for close support.

Quoted from "BattleTech: Technical Readout 3025"

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