Red Planet

The year is 2053. Mars has been industrialized by the Colossal Mining Corporation (CMC) - the ultimate capitalist megacorp. The CMC lures Earth's work-starved masses to Mars where they soon become prisoners of history's worst "company store." A model of corporate efficiency, Colossal keeps overhead low by paying its workers slave-labor wages while simultaneously charging them inordinate sums for food, housing and other necessities the self-named "slags" are unable to obtain from any other source.

Despite the CMC recruiters promises of fame and fortune, only a pathetically small percentage of workers manages to break even, let alone earn enough money to return to Earth. For the rest, (the Sub-Zeros) there is only one means of escape: racing in the illegal hovercraft races staged by the notorious profiteer, Freeman Jack.

Each night, Jack invades CMC Command and locks off various segments of the complex to create a race course. Victory leads to freedom, anything less means death.