MechCorps splashes down in Lake Charles for CyPhaCon!

Post date: Apr 3, 2014 1:33:36 AM


It is time once again for the Lake Area’s most popular fan convention; CyPhaCon! On April 4th-6th, the Lake Charles Civic Center will once again play host to the Lake Charles’s Premier Fan Convention for the fourth year in a row and this year’s event seems to be the biggest in their short history. CyPhaCon will be welcoming Kandyse McClure as their sci-fi guest of honor and Tiffany Grant as their anime guest of honor plus many, many more. Gaming of all kinds will fill the Lake Charles Civic Center, including the first annual CyPhaCon Open, League of Legends tournament! League of Legends will not be the only competition available; the giant robots of MechCorps will be present to provide all the futuristic combat that any stormtrooper or Jedi would be happy to join in!

Taking control of a 75-ton walking tank has never been easier thanks to MechCorps Entertainment’s Tesla II Battletech Simulator Pods! Battletech is not a game of hide and seek, it is seek and destroy, your battlemech will be armed with enough firepower to wipe out a small city so pilots had best make sure that their aim is true will be just as heavily armed. CyPhaCon will be well attended by fan groups and MechCorps is the perfect place to settle a rivalry. Star Trek vs. Star Wars and Doctor Who vs. Firefly are just a few of the fans that will be in attendance and testing their piloting skills to see who will come out on top! MechCorps is making final preparations to be at CyPhaCon, be sure that you are there to properly welcome them to Cajun Country!

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