MechCorps puts the “Iron” in Gridiron at the MechCorps BattleTech Football Championships!

Post date: Jan 24, 2014 4:57:50 PM

MechCorps BattleTech Football Championships

We at MechCorps Entertainment sure do love us some football. But, being MechCorps, we always have to put our own spin on the games, and what puts a better spin on most anything than giant robots! We have come to the scientific conclusion that things are just better when Battlemechs are added. Each year, before the big game here on Earth, MechCorps travels to the far flung planets of the Solaris system to have our own prediction match for the Super Bowl that we have called the MechCorps BattleTech Football Championships and you can be a part of it! On January 31, we will be offering football fans the chance to pilot for either the Broncos or the Seahawks in a football match unlike any other! Players will be able to join their fellow Mechwarriors for a night of rigorous training and some entertaining matches in preparation for the Championships later that evening.

Of course, at MechCorps, we will never charge for tailgating and audience seating is absolutely FREE!

Come on out and join the team of your choice for a football game unlike any other!!