MechCorps puts the “Big” in the Big Easy at Mechacon!

Post date: Jul 9, 2015 11:30:44 PM

Is New Orleans ready for Mechacon?! Mechacon is, without a doubt, the largest anime convention in the state of Louisiana and now it will be returning for it’s 11th year on July 17-19th! The Riverside Hilton will, once again, be playing host to all of the attendees of Mechacon. Celebrities, costumes, merchandise and gaming will fill the three day convention. At the center of it all will be MechCorps and their fleet of giant robot cockpit simulators!Yes, MechCorps will be returning to Mechacon after a two year absence and they will be returning with a vengeance! For those who don’t know, MechCorps utilizes a fleet of high-tech, Virtual World Tesla II cockpit simulator pods to provide the most immersive giant robot fighting experience possible. Utilizing this unique set up, players will be able to take control of a 75-ton, walking war machine and battle it out with up with other live opponents! Pilots will be able to compete for a place on the MechCorps Leaderboard for high score and most kills.

If that wasn't enough, MechCorps is proud to announce a new event that will be debuting at Mechacon, The MechCorps Duelist Challenge! Participating pilots will be able to challenge each other to one on one matches in order to earn “kill marks” and qualify for the gunslinger title match on the final day of the convention. MechCorps is looking to crown a new sheriff for Louisiana, do you have what it takes to claim that title?

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