MechCorps invades Galveston for Oni-Con!

Post date: Oct 25, 2014 11:09:09 PM


Halloween on Galveston Island will be even more fun than usual as Oni-Con gears up for its 11th annual event! On October 31st- November 2nd, the Galveston Island Convention Center will be taken over, on by one of the longest running fan conventions in the state of Texas! There will be no shortage of costumes this Halloween as fans from all over Texas will show off high quality costumes from movies, comic books, and television series as well as meet with celebrity guests from the industry. With so many costumes around, fans of science fiction will be able to complete their experience by doing battle in one of the giant robot simulator pods provided by MechCorps Entertainment! MechCorps Entertainment will be proud to provide Oni-Con with a weekend’s worth of non-stop giant robot battles! MechCorps employs the Tesla II Battletech simulator pods to provide one of the most unique battlefield simulator experiences available today. Battletech is a fast and furious game of robotic combat with enough options available to give all players the ability to choose their own style of combat. MechCorps is proud to be part of the experience of Oni-Con and will have special contests throughout the weekend so be sure to stop by and see what they have to offer. There will also have multiple simulators on hand to let players do battle with live human opponents to see who is the greatest Battlemech pilot of Oni-Con! Get a head start by watching the Training Video.

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