MechCorps Entertainment teams up with Optimus Prime at Texas Comicon!

Post date: Jun 19, 2014 12:37:42 AM

Texas Comicon

The pop culture of the 1980s will be in full swing at Texas Comicon on June 20th as Downtown San Antonio’s Norris Conference Center will play host to plenty of Autobots, Decepticons, and just about every other icon of the that decade. In fact, the voice of Transformer’s Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen and the voice of Skeletor of the Masters of the Universe, Alan Oppenheimer will be there signing autographs and generally having a good time with the fans. Three days of talking about giant robots from the 80s would not be complete without three days of piloting giant robots from the 80s! MechCorps Entertainment will be happy to provide training for the heroes who will want to sign up to help Optimus wage his battle against the evil forces of the Decepticons. MechCorps Entertainment provides a unique fan experience where prospective pilots can climb aboard a 75-ton walking tank and fight for robotic supremacy! The Virtual World Tesla II Battletech Simulator pods provide the most in depth simulator experience available with a complex control suite and high quality sound systems. Nervous about your piloting skills, don’t worry as the crack team of MechWarriors of MechCorps will be available to train in the arenas of piloting as well as trash talk! The game of Battletech is an all inclusive affair as MechCorps will have 6 of our signature pods on hand to have the most competitive scenarios possible! If you think you have what it takes then climb into your Battlemech and prepare for battle with MechCorps at Texas Comicon!

MechCorps Entertainment, LLC is the largest independent operator of Virtual World Entertainment's Tesla II BattleTech: Firestorm Cockpit Simulator Pods with its main base of operation in Houston, Texas. MechCorps' Mobile Armor Division is the touring branch of MechCorps traveling to various conventions and other remote deployments across the United States. MechCorps Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company. Visit, or for more information.

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