MechCorps Brings the Thunder to Dragon*Con

Post date: Aug 27, 2015 1:41:16 AM

Is Atlanta ready for the biggest nerd party in the South?! Dragon*Con returns to take over downtown Atlanta, this Labor Day Weekend (Sept 4-7) for its 28th year. Dragon*Con continues to grow and be one of the largest fan conventions in the world! Everything from the Dragon*Con parade through downtown, to the games, to the celebrity guests are of the same caliber that fans have come to expect over the convention’s many years. Dragon*Con has always been the best place to meet new fans and friends, and what is better than meeting new friends? Blowing them up, of course, and MechCorps Entertainment will be happy to oblige fans who would like this experience. MechCorps Entertainment will be back at Dragon*Con for another year of giant robot themed destruction! Dragon*Con attendees will have the chance to climb into one of 12 Virtual World Tesla II Battletech Cockpit simulators that MechCorps will be bringing this year. That’s right, up to 12 pilots will be able to climb into the driver’s seat of a 75-ton walking tank and establish dominance in the ultimate metallic slugfest! MechCorps will feature not only free-for-all battles, but will be happy to offer team missions, capture the flag, steal the beacon and many other specialty game types to shake things up from time to time. Dragon*Con will be the largest fan convention gathering of its type and will be just the place for fans to climb to the top of the MechCorps Leaderboard and be proclaimed the best pilots of the convention! Are you up to this mission?

MechCorps Entertainment, LLC is the largest independent operator of Virtual World Entertainment's Tesla II BattleTech: Firestorm Cockpit Simulator Pods with its main base of operation in Houston, Texas. MechCorps' Mobile Armor Division is the touring branch of MechCorps traveling to various conventions and other remote deployments across the United States. MechCorps Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company. Visit, or for more information.

Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Virtual World Entertainment is a leading supplier of high-end, centerpiece attractions to the location-based entertainment industry. Virtual World has produced and distributed cockpits since 1989. Virtual World Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company. Visit today at