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Location Maps

MechCorps Reconnaissance has mapped out the following locations that will be used for your future dropzones. It is advisable that you familiarize yourself with these maps. Your success may depend on it.

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VersionLocationTerrainMax. Drop Zones
VersionLocationTerrainMax. Drop Zones
Big City Urban, large, dense. 
4 & 5 Cantina Lunar, industrial. 
Central Park Parkland bordered with dense urban. 
4 & 5 Coliseum Arena, small enclosed. 
Dust Bowl Desert. 
Factory Industrial, small, enclosed. 
Freezer Tundra, open, large. 
Frost Bite Mountainous, sparse military. 
Gator Bait Swampland, sparse military. 
Ghost Highway Desert, destroyed, sparse urban. 
Grassland Hilly, sparse forest, lakes. 
1 & 5 Hideaway Desert, sparse military. 
Hotplate Volcanic. 
Inner City Urban, small, dense. 
Jungle Hilly, small, lakes. 
Lunacy Lunar, large, sparse military. 
Nazca Desert, large, flat. 
Palace Gates Urban fortress. 
Peaks Desert, mountainous, rocky. 
Reduex Desert, military bases. 
Scarab Stronghold Sparse military. 
Snow Job Mountainous, large, sparse military. 
Storm Canyon Tundra, large, military fortresses. 
Timberline Mountanous, large, dense forrest. 
Tribe Incursion Desert, large, military bases. 
Showing 25 items