Shut Down - details and controls

The Shut Down control is on the left side of the Secondary Screen, second button from the top.

The operation of the Shut Down button is fairly self-explanatory:
1. Push button.
2. 'Mech shuts down.

At this time, you have no controls, no triggers, no radar, no configurations. The only thing that is available is your views controlled by the high-hat on the joystick.

When the 'Mech is shut down, your 'Mech is no longer detectible on regular radar. Only the Beagle Active Probe can detect you... or a visual contact.

To Start Up:
1. Push button.
2. 'Mech starts up.

While this may not appear to have a functional use in combat to the new pilot, you will need this button in order to use the 'Mech Repair Bay(s) found at some locations.

Simply drive into the bay and hit the shutdown button.

The automated repair bay will then reload your ammo, coolant (Advanced Mission Mode only) and repair what is still repairable on your 'Mech.

When finished, the bay will automatically restart your 'Mech for you.


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