Mech Chassis: Hollander II

Hollander II

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'MECH specifications
Tonnage (tons) 45 Accel. (m/sec) 18.43
Armor points 406 Decel. (m/sec) 27.64
Flushes 4 Top Speed (kph) 136.26
Torso speed (deg/sec) 70 Top Speed Gimped (kph) 24.91
Torso Range (degrees) 240 Turn Rate (deg/sec) 1.05
Heat Sinks 12 External Armor Type Ferro

Internal Armor Type Endo

WEAPON specifications
Location Weapon Ammo Heat Damage Reload Range

SP2 Small Pulse   2 3 1.5 120
SP2 Small Pulse
2 3 1.5 120
LA Medium Pulse   5 5 2.5 300
LT Medium Pulse   5 5 2.5 300
RA Medium Pulse   5 5 2.5 300
SP1 Guass Rifle 16 5 15 10 840

Light Amplification

Firepower: 45%
Armor: 48%
Speed: 75%
Heat: 61%


Faced with the superior range and firepower of the Clan invaders, the Federated Commonwealth military wanted a light, fast 'mech with superior long-range firepower to engage light and medium 'mechs from a distance and eliminate them quickly. The single guass rifle around which the entire 'mech is built delivers devastating firepower and range, but causes severe ammunition and secondary weapon limitations. This Hollander II design is ten tons heavier than the original, and seeks to counter the original's deficiencies with additional weapon space.

Original Manufacturer: Coventry Metal Works, Federated Commonwealth

From an intercepted HPG transmission


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