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Special Edition Regulars' Night - Saturday, March 7

posted Mar 5, 2020, 5:47 PM by Muerte MechCorps
Battletech 2020 Pilgrimage Comes to Houston, TX.
Attention Pilots: 
We have a special edition of Regular's Night at our Headquarters in Houston, TX this Saturday, March 7. 

All-You-Can-Pilot games from 6PM until Midnight for $25 (+tax) 

Battletech2020 Pilgrimage to GENCON! 

From the Pilgrimage Leader: 
"I am Stephen Stroble aka Paradox Gamer "Prussian Havoc" and my pilgrimage to the developers of BATTLETECH, HBS (who just this month have sunset their development of BATTLETECH) will be completed when I present HBS with a framed Work of Mech Art. 

My BattleTech trip would be at an end at that point, with all that remains is to visit family in TN on my return drive to PA and Home. But there has been enough interest in MechCorps and meeting up at your HQ! 

Folks want to have a reason to hold a last BATTLETECH Meet and Greet. My trip East offers an opportunity to do so and your BattleTech Pod Venue is the Best/Bester/Bestest place to do so.