MechCorps BattleTech Football

MechCorps BattleTech Football Championship Rules

as penned by Muerte of MechCorps


You and three teammates will take on all comers in the post-apocalyptic sport of BattleTech Football. One Linebacker, one Safety, one Defensive End, and one Football form up on each side of the Coliseum to fight for the of MechCorps' BattleTech Football Championship.


The following rules were originally developed for the Virtual World BattleTech Tesla Cockpit Simulator Pods back in the late 1990’s for Version 4 of the BattleTech software by Muerte of Houston, TX.  The following rules have been updated for Version 5.06 of Virtual World’s BattleTech: Firestorm software.


I. Event Format
A. The Battletech Football Championship event is a modified 4-man team attrition event played either as a double elimination or a championship series.
B. Teams are created by assembly or random draw at SEC’s choice.
C. This event can be run as a Double Elimination or Series Event at SEC’s choice.
1. Double Elimination:
a. Each team will play at least 2 rounds.
b. When a team loses it will move into the losers bracket.
c. Once a team has 2 losses that team is eliminated from the event.
2. Series:
a. Each team plays each other team
b. Team with the highest Win/Loss record is declared champion
c. Teams that are tied for the top Win/Loss record at the end of the series will enter a playoff match.
D. The minimum number of teams for this event is three teams.

II. Mission Conditions
All games will be structured as normal Battletech games with the following conditions:
1. Heat will be ON.
2. Splash Damage will be ON.
3. No Return will be OFF. (Unlimited Returns)
4. Game length is 10 minutes.
5. Weapons Jams will be ON.
6. Limited Ammo will be ON.
7. Radar set to NORMAL.
8. Friendly Fire ON.
9. Advanced Armor will be OFF (i.e., half armor).
10. Team Attrition scoring will be used.
11. Teams will be dropped into opposing team drop zones. Red and Blue drop zones will be used.
12. All matches will be held in the Coliseum with random conditions.

III. Vehicle Choice Rules
A. All BattleMech choices must be turned in for all rounds before the start of the first game.
B. The same 'Mechs will be used for each team throughout the championship, however, team members may exchange positions and therefore 'Mechs.
C. Each Team will have four designated positions:
1. One Linebacker, Assault Class
2. One Safety, Heavy Class
3. One Defensive End, Medium Class
4. One Football, Light Class

IV. Winning Missions
A. The scoring against a team is determined by the number of deaths of that team’s football 'Mech. That score includes the sum of the following:
1. Number of deaths inflicted to the football by the opposing team.
2. Number of deaths inflicted by friendly fire.
3. Self-inflicted deaths (aka suicide).
B. The team with the football sustaining the highest number of death is the losing team.
C. In the case of a tie, the team with the highest Attrition points will be declared the winner.
D. If both teams are still tied, the team with the first kill on the opposing football will be declared the winning team.
E. Whining is not winning. If the SEC determines that someone is whining, they will lose.

V. Winning The Event
The team who wins the final game is the winning team and will be declared the championship team.