Mech Chassis: Raven


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'MECH specifications
Tonnage (tons) 35 Accel. (m/sec) 29.86
Armor points 250 Decel. (m/sec) 44.79
Flushes 2 Top Speed (kph) 140.04
Torso speed (deg/sec) 80 Top Speed Gimped (kph) 35
Torso Range (degrees) 180 Turn Rate (deg/sec) 1.4
Heat Sinks 7 Armor Type Ferro
    Internal Armor Type Standard

WEAPON specifications
Location Weapon Ammo Heat Damage Reload Range

RA Medium   4 5 5 330
RA Medium   4 5 5 330
RT SRM 6 15 4 2/Missile 5 360
RT LRM 5 24 2 1/Missile 3 1800
LA NARC 12 1 1 3 360

Beagle Active Probe Capable of detecting and identifying even shut-down and camouflaged units at distances much greater than standard-issue electronic warfare (EW) suites, the active probe is a valued addition to any recon unit.
Light Amplification
Guardian ECM Suite The Guardian ECM Suite is a broad-spectrum jamming and electronic countermeasure device designed to reduce the effectiveness of enemy long-range scanning and surveillance equipment.
Anti-Missile System The anti-missile system is a rapid-fire, point-defense weapon capable of tracking, engaging, and destroying incoming missiles.

Firepower: 35%
Armor: 35%
Speed: 77%
Heat: 76%


Two decades ago, the Raven was a House Liao experimental attempt to produce a 'Mech that could provide a battalion or regiment with sophisticated electronic-warfare capabilities. Produced only by Hellespont Industries on Sian, the Raven is striding off the assembly line bristling with the most advanced electronics ever seen in the Inner Sphere.

Quoted from "BattleTech: Technical Readout 3050"



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