Mech Chassis: Puma


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'MECH specifications
Tonnage (tons) 35 Accel. (m/sec) 19.26
Armor points 264 Decel. (m/sec) 28.89
Flushes 4 Top Speed (kph) 149.18
Torso speed (deg/sec) 80 Top Speed Gimped (kph) 27.68
Torso Range (degrees) 180 Turn Rate (deg/sec) 0.91
Heat Sinks 10 External Armor Type Ferro

Internal Armor Type Endo

WEAPON specifications
Location Weapon Ammo Heat Damage Reload Range

LT C Small Pulse   1.5 3 1.5 150
RT C Small Pulse
1.5 3 1.5 150
LA C LRM 20 12 6 20 7 1800
RA C LRM 20 12 6 20 7 1800

Light Amplification
Jump Jets

Firepower: 57%
Armor: 38%
Speed: 82%
Heat: 89%


Inner Sphere Mechwarrior nicknamed this 'Mech the Puma as a tribute to it's ferocity. Though light and fast enough for scouting missions, the Puma can stand up to many Inner Sphere medium 'mechs. It packs exceptional firepower for a light 'mech and many Mechwarrior in the Successor States got a nasty surprise the first time they faced it in battle.


Alternate Configuration 'A' turns the Puma into a fire-support 'mech. The double LRM-20 racks on the arms can deliver enormous damage from afar, softening up the enemy for the Puma's Starmates. To deal with enemies that get too close, this design mounts a small pulse laser in each of the right and left torsos.


The Puma sees widespread use among all the Clans, though it rarely serves as a reconnaissance 'mech. Clan Wolf makes greater use of the Puma than other Clans do, often assigning it to scouting missions. As a fire-support 'mech, it serves with Stars of all compositions.

Quoted from "Battletech: Technical Readout 3050"



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