Mech Chassis: CauldronBorn


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'MECH specifications
Tonnage (tons) 65 Accel. (m/sec) 6.3
Armor points 505 Decel. (m/sec) 10.23
Flushes 8 Top Speed (kph) 110.09
Torso speed (deg/sec) 60 Top Speed Gimped (kph) 30.67
Torso Range (degrees) 280 Turn Rate (deg/sec) 0.44
Heat Sinks 13 External Armor Type Ferro

Internal Armor Type Endo

WEAPON specifications
Location Weapon Ammo Heat Damage Reload Range

LT C ER Medium   4 5 5 420
LA C Ultra AC 5 46 4 8 5 660
RA C Guass Rifle 16 4 15 10 870
RT C Streak 2 50 2 4 2 420
SP1 C LRM 10 24 4 10 5 1800
SP2 C LRM 10 24 4 10 5 1800

Light Amplification

Firepower: 65%
Armor: 60%
Speed: 61%
Heat: 70%


First seen in the Battle of Luthien, this OmniMech soon earned the name Cauldron-Born, after the unstoppable zombies of Irish myth, because of it's ability to take immense damage and remain operational.


The Cauldron-Born arsenal is built around a massive Guass rifle, which occupies the entire 'mechs right arm. A dual-purpose autocannon occupies the left arm. The Cauldron-Born carries two tons of ammunition for each of these weapons. An LRM-10 launcher juts above the birdlike 'mechs left shoulder, while an SRM-2 launcher in an over-and-under mount fills the machine's right breast. A single ER Medium laser is the Cauldron-Born's only energy weapon.


So far, only the First Jaguar Guard Cluster appears to use the Cauldron-Born. Because only three machines have been engaged by Inner Sphere warriors, most believe the design is so new that the other Clans have not yet deployed this 'mech.

Quoted from "Battletech: Technical Readout 3058"


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