Mech Chassis: Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf

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'MECH specifications
Tonnage (tons) 40 Accel. (m/sec) 26.04
Armor points 375 Decel. (m/sec) 39.06
Flushes 4 Top Speed (kph) 133.13
Torso speed (deg/sec) 70 Top Speed Gimped (kph) 38.34
Torso Range (degrees) 240 Turn Rate (deg/sec) 0.91
Heat Sinks 8 External Armor Type Ferro

Internal Armor Type Endo

WEAPON specifications
Location Weapon Ammo Heat Damage Reload Range

RT C Small Pulse   1.5 3 1.5 150
RT C Small Pulse
1.5 3 1.5 150
LA C SRM Streak 4 25 3 8 3 420
SP1 C SRM Streak 4 25 3 8 3 420
SP2 C SRM Streak 4 25 3 8 3 420
RA C SRM Streak 4 25 3 8 3 420

Light Amplification
Jump Jets

Firepower: 47%
Armor: 45%
Speed: 73%
Heat: 80%


In the process of gearing up production lines on the southern continent of Arc-Royal, Clan Wolf-In-Exile has begun producing the Arctic Wolf. It's XL engine, double heat sinks and endo steel chassis promise to make the Arctic Wolf a favorite among the second-line units who will field this 'mech.


The Arctic Wolf can quickly cross a battlefield while maintaining a low target-aspect ratio. Opponents of the design have noted the usual Clan tendency to ignore the machine's heat curve, as well as a reliance on weaponry that requires ammunition. However, firing a full salvo of missiles while running will barely hamper fire control and reduces mobility by less than 30 percent. This leaves the 'mech sufficient mobility to evade hostile fire and maintain some offensive capability while waiting to cool down. The Arctic Wolf should be able to stop nearly any opposing 'mech design with two to four carefully placed missile flights, trusting to the efficiency of what Phelan Kell dubbed the "tandem-fire" effect of dozens of missiles independently seeking out weakened target locations. If the missile flights are accurately calculated, this gives the Arctic Wolf the potential to destroy up to four other machines before it needs reloads, an impressive claim.


The arctic Wolf saw combat during Operation Bulldog as part of a second-line support Star appended to the First Wolf Legion for the assault on Bangor and again on Jeronimo. Problems with heat build-up were noted, but only for those warriors who violated the Arctic Wolf's basic tactical doctrine of an engage-and-evade routine.

Quoted from "Battletech: Technical Readout 3060"



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